Apple Reveals macOS Sonoma at WWDC 2023: Desktop Widgets, Game Mode, and Enhanced Security Features

    Apple announces macOS Sonoma with an array of exciting features, including desktop widgets, a gaming-optimised mode, and advanced privacy options, at the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference.

    Apple has yet again made a striking impression with the announcement of macOS Sonoma, the latest iteration of its desktop operating system. Revealed at the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the new OS comes with a plethora of features, most notably desktop widget compatibility, an all-new game mode, and moving aerial screensavers, as reported by The Verge.

    macOS Sonoma: A Revolution in Desktop Experience

    New Horizons with Desktop Widgets

    A key aspect of the macOS Sonoma is the introduction of desktop widgets. These widgets can be moved from the Notification Centre to the desktop or even imported from an iPhone via Continuity if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. They can be interactive, allowing you to manage media, cross off to-do items or control smart home gadgets. The widgets are designed to subtly fade into the background when a window is opened, ensuring an uncluttered and efficient workspace.

    A Gaming Paradise: The New “Game Mode”

    Another fascinating feature of macOS Sonoma is the “Game Mode”. This mode prioritises a game’s access to CPU and GPU resources while reducing latency for linked devices such as AirPods, Xbox, and PlayStation controllers. The model is compatible with all games on the operating system, showcasing Apple’s reaffirmed commitment to gaming on Mac. To emphasize this commitment, Hideo Kojima, a renowned game creator, announced the arrival of Death Stranding Director’s Cut to macOS during the conference.

    Refined Video Conferencing and AR Effects

    macOS Sonoma offers improved video conferencing with a presenter overlay feature. This feature essentially overlays your image in various settings during a video call while sharing the screen and is compatible with popular platforms like FaceTime and Zoom. Additionally, reactive AR effects can be enabled during conversations, enhancing the immersive experience in videoconferencing.

    Advanced Safari and Enhanced Security

    Apple’s inbuilt web browser, Safari, is set to receive notable upgrades in macOS Sonoma. Web applications will now behave more like traditional macOS programs, enabling alerts and the option to pin them to your dock. The browser now supports profiles, allowing distinct management of cookies, browsing history, and tab groups, which can be a boon for maintaining a balance between business and personal usage.

    Security enhancements include private browsing windows designed to provide additional protection from online tracking and the ability to lock when not in use. macOS Sonoma also facilitates an easier and more secure exchange of passkeys and passwords through iCloud Keychain.

    Synergy with iOS 17

    In addition to the macOS-specific enhancements, some updates from iOS 17 will also make their way to the new Mac operating system. These updates include improved autocorrection, the ability to invoke Siri without the prefixed “hey,” quicker form-filling in PDFs, and expanded sticker capabilities.

    macOS Sonoma, also known as macOS 14, is anticipated to be available in developer beta soon, followed by a public beta release in the coming weeks. The general public can expect access to it later this year. With the array of features and improvements that macOS Sonoma boasts of, Apple continues to reinvent the desktop experience, bringing greater personalisation, performance, and security to its users.

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