Assam to Open More Sainik Schools for Armed Forces

    The Assam government is set to open more Sainik Schools to attract the best talent into the Armed Forces, according to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. The announcement was made during a review meeting held by the Chief Minister with Education Minister Ranoj Pegu and other officials in Guwahati on Tuesday. The meeting covered a range of issues, including the operationalisation of Adarsh Vidyalayas, establishing more B. Ed colleges and teaching posts, and special quotas in professional colleges for six communities.

    Sainik Schools: A Vibrant Ecosystem for Armed Forces

    Sainik Schools were established in India in the 1960s with the objective of preparing students for entry into the National Defence Academy (NDA). The schools provide a conducive environment for the holistic development of students, combining academic and physical education with military training. The Assam government’s decision to open more Sainik Schools is in line with the Centre’s push to expand the network of such schools across the country.

    Assam’s Move to Open More Sainik Schools

    Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced the decision to open more Sainik Schools in Assam during a review meeting on Tuesday. The move is aimed at creating a vibrant ecosystem to attract the best talent into the Armed Forces. The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of developing a sense of discipline and patriotism among young students, which he believes can be achieved through the Sainik School system.

    Benefits of Sainik Schools

    Sainik Schools have proven to be an effective mechanism for preparing students for a career in the Armed Forces. They provide students with a unique learning experience that combines academics with physical fitness and military training. This approach not only develops a student’s character but also prepares them for the rigors of military life.

    In addition to preparing students for the NDA, Sainik Schools also serve as a feeder for other officer training institutions such as the Indian Military Academy (IMA) and the Officers Training Academy (OTA). Graduates of Sainik Schools have a higher chance of being selected for officer training programs than those from other schools.

    Expansion of Sainik Schools in India

    The Government of India has been actively promoting the expansion of the Sainik School network across the country. The aim is to create a pipeline of talented young students who are well-prepared for a career in the Armed Forces. The government has set a target of establishing one Sainik School in each district of the country.

    Currently, there are 33 Sainik Schools in India, with one in each state. However, some states have more than one Sainik School. For example, Maharashtra has three Sainik Schools, while Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab have two each.

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