Basictell Unveils Top Colleges in India for Admission 2023

    Expert analysis by Basictell reveals India’s top colleges for MBA, Engineering, Medical, Law, and Architecture.

    Education and Career platform Basictell has announced its list of Top Colleges in India for Admission 2023, featuring expert recommendations for MBA, Engineering, Medical, Law, and Architecture programs. The annual publication provides a comprehensive guide to students seeking the best colleges, courses, and experiences based on ranking frameworks such as NIRF and input from industry experts.

    Basictell’s Top Colleges in India 2023

    Basictell’s Top Colleges in India 2023 list features the 10 best colleges in each field, with each institution chosen for its courses, NIRF ranking, placement, experiences, and latest offerings in education programs, accessibility, and campus life. The lists are compiled using various ranking factors and then refined by Basictell’s panel of education and career experts.

    MBA Programs

    For MBA programs, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore is named the top government MBA college, while XLRI Xavier College of Management, Jamshedpur is recognized as the best private MBA college. According to NIRF rankings, the Indian Institute of Management, IIM Ahmedabad is the top MBA college in India.

    Engineering Programs

    For students seeking government engineering colleges, institutions such as IIT Madras and IIT Delhi are highlighted. Details about entrance exams, courses, fees, and other information are provided. Top private engineering colleges like Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) are also featured for students pursuing a B.Tech degree in India.

    Medical Programs

    In the medical field, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi and Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore are recognized as top colleges offering MBBS, BDS, and related Medical and Paramedical programs for students.

    Law Programs

    For aspiring legal professionals, the list includes top public law colleges like National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bengaluru and private law colleges such as Symbiosis Law School. The National Law School of India University is also named the top law college in India according to NIRF rankings.

    Architecture Programs

    In the field of architecture, top colleges such as IIT Roorkee, IIT Kharagpur, SRM IST, and Lovely Professional University (LPU) are recommended for students pursuing B.Arch or M.Arch degrees or PhDs at UG, PG, and doctorate levels.

    Basictell’s Role in Education and Career Guidance

    Sukanta Das, founder of Basictell, emphasizes that the 2023 lists come at a crucial time for students seeking admission. He notes that the year is shaping up to be one for exploring new courses and career opportunities. The list covers colleges from all over India and their offerings, helping candidates choose the right college based on their needs.

    Basictell is part of the Fast India Media portfolio and has provided education and career guidance for schools, colleges, and job aspirants since 2011. Reaching hundreds of millions of visitors annually, Basictell offers guides, e-books, videos, mock tests, and more through its website,, as well as on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Over the past decade, Basictell has published hundreds of guides covering school board exams, entrance exams, competitive exams, and job interviews for students from India and around the world. To view the list of top colleges, visit

    Importance of Top College Rankings

    The annual release of Basictell’s Top Colleges in India serves as a valuable resource for students and parents alike in making informed decisions about higher education. With so many colleges and universities to choose from, these rankings can help narrow down the options and provide a clearer picture of the quality of education, campus life, and overall experience at each institution.

    Factors Considered in Rankings

    Several factors are considered when compiling the list of top colleges, including:

    1. NIRF rankings: The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) rankings are a major factor in determining the overall quality of an institution.
    2. Course offerings: The variety and relevance of courses offered by a college play a significant role in its ranking.
    3. Placement record: The success rate of graduates in securing jobs or further education is a key indicator of a college’s quality.
    4. Experiences: A college’s ability to provide unique, engaging, and enriching experiences contributes to its overall ranking.
    5. Accessibility: How accessible a college is to students of all backgrounds and financial situations is an important factor.
    6. Campus life: The quality of campus life, including facilities, extracurricular activities, and student support services, is a crucial consideration.

    These factors, combined with the expert opinions of education and career professionals, help determine the best colleges for students in each field.

    Impact of Top College Rankings on Students

    By providing a comprehensive list of top colleges in India, Basictell helps students make more informed decisions about their future. These rankings not only highlight the best institutions in the country but also provide valuable information about entrance exams, courses, fees, and other details that can help students plan their education and careers more effectively.

    In addition, the rankings can serve as a benchmark for colleges and universities to improve their offerings and better meet the needs of their students. This competition can ultimately lead to a higher quality of education and more opportunities for students.


    Basictell’s Top Colleges in India 2023 list is a valuable resource for students and parents seeking the best institutions for higher education in various fields. The list, compiled using a combination of NIRF rankings and expert opinions, provides a comprehensive guide to the top colleges in India for MBA, Engineering, Medical, Law, and Architecture programs. By using this list as a starting point, students can make more informed decisions about their education and future careers, ultimately leading to greater success and satisfaction.

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