CBI Seeks Google’s Help in West Bengal Teachers’ Recruitment Scam

    The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has written to Google for assistance in the ongoing investigation into a teachers’ recruitment scam in West Bengal. The central probe agency has requested information on two allegedly fake websites involved in the scam, which imitated the original website of the West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC). CBI hopes to advance its investigation by obtaining details such as IP addresses of devices used to access and disable the websites over time.

    Identifying Fake Websites

    The fake websites in question used a “.com” extension, in contrast to the original WBSSC website, which used a “.in” extension. Although these websites are currently non-functional, the information provided by Google could prove crucial in unearthing the individuals behind the scam.

    How the Scam Worked

    According to CBI sources, the names of individuals who made advance payments for securing jobs before the written examination were uploaded on these fake websites. The names were then presented as “selected” in the examination, convincing the individuals to pay the remaining amount to move on to the next phase of the scam.

    “It is as if the entire scam is like an onion where one finds another layer after peeling off one,” a CBI source said.

    The CBI has also informed the court about the different rates charged by Kuntal Ghosh, an expelled youth Trinamool Congress leader currently in judicial custody, and his associates for increasing marks in the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) to recruit primary teachers.

    The Importance of Online Vigilance

    This recruitment scam highlights the need for increased vigilance when dealing with online information and websites. Job seekers, in particular, should verify the authenticity of websites and organizations before providing personal information or making payments. Some tips to ensure online safety include:

    • Checking the website’s domain extension (e.g., “.in” vs. “.com”)
    • Looking for secure connections (https://)
    • Searching for official contact information and verifying it
    • Consulting online reviews or forums for feedback on the organization

    The Impact of Recruitment Scams

    Recruitment scams like the one in West Bengal can have far-reaching consequences for both job seekers and the education sector:

    1. Job seekers may lose money and trust in the system
    2. Qualified candidates may be overlooked in favor of those willing to pay for positions
    3. The overall quality of education may suffer as a result of unqualified or corrupt teachers

    As the CBI continues its investigation, it is essential for authorities to take strict measures against those involved in such scams and to implement policies to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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