Characteristics of Service Delivery

    The characteristics of service delivery are given below:

    1. Inseparability of Production and Consumption: When it comes to services, it is important to assure simultaneous production and delivery of services.

    The presence of the customer should be ensured on the premises when consumption is required. This signifies that in most of the services, the presence of the customers is available on the premise as they want to consume the services personally.

    2. Difficulty in Balancing the Demand and Supply of Services: When we talk about goods, inventory can be used to overcome the demand and supply gap.

    When demand is more than the supply, the stocks will be reduced and vice versa. But when it comes to services, as the storage of the services is not possible, there will be a formation of a queue when the demand is more than the supply of the services.

    3. Lack of Standardisation in Services: In many situations, in order to fulfill the individual demand of the customers, the services are customized.

    Thus, the frontline employees should have a better understanding of the accurate requirements of the customers, choosing the correct services which can fulfill the demand of the customers, and then finally delivering the service to the customer.

    Still, most of the service organizations record the junior or less experienced manpower in the frontline.

    4. Recovery Services: Opposite to the products, there can be some incidents where there might be some issues despite having high-quality services.

    There can be an incident of a service failure for the first time. But in most cases, a second chance is provided to the service providers by the customers.

    But by then, the nervous are worn, there can be an uneasy service delivery atmosphere, and there can be some arguments.

    But in case of failed services, during the second delivery, most of the customers tend to have a negative attitude towards the service provider.

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