Disadvantages of Competency Mapping

Besides advantages, competency mapping also has a few disadvantages. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. There are many organizations that may follow the concept of competency mapping, but do not allow the employees to work in those departments where their skills can be best utilized.

Employees when working with any organization, have to perform as per the organizational demands and not according, to personal interests.

2. Competency mapping becomes useless or non-beneficial if it is not given due response by the company. It may even adversely affect the performance of the employees resulting in job dissatisfaction.

3. Though inputs such as education, knowledge, experience, skill, etc., of an individual, are very crucial for competency mapping, but not at the cost of output i.e., performance, and productivity.

They both should be given equal importance otherwise it may result in business failure.

4. Competency mapping needs to get upgraded frequently in order to adjust to the changes in the organization.

A lot of cost and time is needed to be incurred in order to keep them updated. Thus, it is a non-economical and time-consuming method of analyzing the employees.

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