Elements in Designing of the Service Delivery

    The following factors are considered in designing the service delivery:

    1. Technology/People Mix: The very first factor which needs to be considered for designing service delivery is the technology or the people involved in the service delivery.

    The level of technology and the varying nature and attitudes of the people involved affect the design of the service delivery. Therefore, it is very important to consider the technology/people mix.

    2. Nature of the Services: Another factor that needs to be considered for designing service delivery is the nature of the service, which is going to be delivered.

    It is very important to understand the nature of the service first before delivering it to the customers. A proper understanding of the nature of the service helps the service provider effectively deliver the service.

    3. Complexity of the Service: In order to effectively deliver the services, it is also important to understand their complexity level. Some services are simple in their operations, while some require a typical sequence of operations.

    4. Volumes: The volume of the service required by the customer or the total volume of service ordered in a day affects the delivery of the service.

    It is very crucial to match the service employees with the volume of the service required. Service delivery requires the determination of the exact volume of the desired service.

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