Face as Boarding Pass: A New Era in Indian Air Travel with Thales

    Thales partners with Indian airports to implement ‘Fly to Gate’ biometric technology, aiming for a 30% reduction in boarding time.

    In a move to revolutionise air travel, Thales, a global technology leader in Aerospace, Space, Defence, Security, and Transportation, is working closely with Indian airport operators to implement biometric technology for a smoother, hassle-free journey.

    Unveiled at the ongoing week-long Paris Air Show, the ‘Fly to Gate’ solution is projected to curtail boarding time by a significant 30%, shaping a new era of air travel in India.

    Pioneering a Seamless Travel Experience

    In the wake of congestion at Delhi Airport last year, which led to the Civil Aviation Minister, Jyotiraditya Scindia, suggesting measures for smoother operations, this innovative solution could be the answer to the problem.

    The technology aims to eliminate the need for physical contact and streamline airport security checks, making the travellers’ journey seamless from their homes to boarding the aircraft.

    Ashish Saraf, Vice President and Country Head for India, Thales, highlighted how this technology transforms the boarding process. “Your face will be your boarding pass at the airport.

    He explained, “The DigiYatra app on your phone will allow you to register your boarding pass, scan your face, authenticate the face with your biometrics in Aadhar and register yourself as a passenger enabled by DigiYatra. Your face is your boarding pass once you are at the airport.”

    The DigiYatra Experience

    The DigiYatra application will be instrumental in ensuring a smooth experience. Upon reaching the airport, passengers can gain entry using their face, which is already authenticated with their identity.

    Saraf added, “You will see separate DigiYatra gates at our existing airports. You go to the main gate security; your face is your boarding pass, so it authenticates you.”

    On reaching the boarding gate, passengers will encounter the Thales face pod. This equipment will scan the passenger’s face, granting them access to board the plane.

    This technology effectively provides a seamless journey, eliminating the need for physical checks at various security points.

    Saraf clarified that although the DigiYatra application significantly eases the process, it is not mandatory to use the facility.

    Passengers without the app can enrol at the airport and proceed with the boarding process.

    Future of Air Travel in India

    This pioneering move from Thales and Indian airport operators has the potential to redefine the landscape of air travel in India. Reducing congestion, ensuring swift boarding processes and enhancing the overall passenger experience are the central goals of this initiative.

    While the technology promises a sea change in how we experience air travel, it raises crucial questions about privacy and data security.

    As this technology is adopted on a larger scale, it will be essential to address these concerns adequately, balancing the benefits of seamless travel with the imperatives of safeguarding passenger data.

    With technology redefining our world, the face of a boarding pass could soon be the norm, signifying the future of air travel in India.

    This development illustrates the vast potential of technological advancements in the aviation industry, heralding an era of smoother, more efficient air travel.

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