Feedback Mechanisms in Organisations

    In organizations, most employees require feedback regarding their work performance. Until the feedback is provided by the manager or the team-leader indicating the strong and weak points of the employees, there cannot be any improvement in their performance, although a continuous self-assessment of their performance is undertaken by the employers.

    Leaders are the persons accountable for the setting-up of processes that will be beneficial in maintaining healthy team relations and improving the performance as they have complete information with respect to the performance level of the team members.

    Leaders must give timely feedback about the performance of their team members. It can be provided informally on a one-on-one meeting basis or at the time of formal annual review.

    It is a continuous procedure amongst the superior and the subordinate in which information is interchanged regarding the anticipated and displayed performance.

    It facilitates the organizations to evaluate the I employee’s performance. In order to collect and examine the performance feedback, internal measures of feedback can be executed, or an external consulting company can be employed by the organizations.

    The feedback for employees can be provided by managers, external consumers, and peers. For determining the efficiency and skill level of the overall management of the manager, the feedback can be provided by the direct reports.

    The skills to provide effective performance feedback are essential for superiors. It is necessary for the employees that they are able to accept productive feedback with respect to both favorable and adverse aspects of their performance.

    Managers are frequently faced with major problems when they have to give negative feedback.

    Moreover, feedback of the manager, as truthful and open as the case may be, may not fully express the performance of employees in all facets of their job. With the use of few managerial tools, comprehensive and effective feedback is possible.

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