GISA Launches India Chapter to Boost Independent Education

    Global Independent Schools Association (GISA) launched its India Chapter on Wednesday, marking a significant milestone for the independent education sector in India. The organization aims to bring together educators, think tanks, government officials, and all stakeholders of education on a single platform to work towards improving education standards worldwide. GISA has urged over 3,40,000 plus Indian independent schools to join forces with the world’s first representative body for the K-12 Independent Education sector.

    Key Speakers at the Launch

    The launch event witnessed some of India’s leading educationists, along with Christopher Short, Managing Director of Nord Anglia Education, India, and Francis Joseph, Representative of GISA Global.

    Dr. Ashok Pandey, GISA India, National Chapter

    Dr. Ashok Pandey, who leads the rollout of GISA India Chapter, stated that the organization has set its sights on three main priorities. “The first and foremost is amplifying the leadership to influence student outcomes all over the world. Second, there should be a certain policy in every sector. Only a policy can build an infrastructure and the third, building relationships between educator & students,” said Dr. Pandey.

    Dr. Sudha Acharya

    Dr. Sudha Acharya stressed the importance of collaboration, cooperation, and moderation in achieving educational success in the nation. “GISA will be an excellent initiative for a country like India. It will be extremely beneficial,” she said.

    What GISA Wants to Achieve

    The main objective of GISA is to become the go-to voice for the independent education sector, showcasing its impact and acting as a resource for governments and global institutions to tap into and seek support from in times of crisis. The organization aims to work with policymakers and governments worldwide to help raise standards in schools of every background, whether public, independent, or third sector.

    GISA plans to organize an annual conference where policymakers, sector representatives, non-governmental organizations, and renowned thinkers will come together to engage in high-level discussions on accelerating the achievement of high-quality education for all.

    About K-12 Education

    The K-12 education model, which promises to replace the conventional way of educating children, emphasizes more teacher-student interaction. The K-12 model (K for Kindergarten and 12 for 12th grade) seeks to optimally utilize technology to inculcate self-learning abilities in students and help them evolve into self-sufficient individuals.

    The launch of GISA India Chapter is a positive step towards bridging the gap between policymakers, educators, and all stakeholders in the independent education sector. The organization’s objectives align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG4) of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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