Health Services Introduction

    All the services that deal with the treatment and diagnosis of a particular disease or handle the activities of promoting, maintaining, and restoring health come under health services.

    In a health system, the most prominent function visible to all (users and the general public) includes health services. They encompass various personal as well as non-personal services.

    The service providers in the health system state the manner in which various inputs like staff, equipment, drugs, and capital are intermixed and arranged for delivering health interventions.

    The improvement in quality, accessibility, and coverage of health services is determined by the availability of resources (staff, equipment, drugs, and capital), ways in which services are managed and organized, and the incentives that affect the service provider and customers.

    The service providers involved in healthcare services are usually doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, nursing homes, hospitals, pharmacies, and similar healthcare providers.

    These services can be understood as the work done towards public health and in providing primary secondary, and tertiary care.

    Health equipment, hospitals, medical software, insurance, medicine, etc., are considered as the chief inputs of the healthcare industry.

    In India, healthcare services have gained ever-increasing popularity in recent years. The credit for this increasing significance of healthcare services can be attributed to globalization, which has allowed the entrance of multinational healthcare firms, pharmacies, exchange of technology and equipment.

    Therefore, the demand for healthcare services is increasing continuously with the growth of the service industry. However, these services often incur high prices, which is a major concern for the general public in India.

    Recognizing this fact, several insurance firms have now emerged to take this burden of high priced healthcare services for the structured sectors.

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