Importance of Physical Evidence in Services

    Physical evidence is important because of the following reasons:

    Importance of Physical Evidence in Services

    Enhances Productivity

    It is important to achieve the right configuration of the tangible elements (service outlet, interior, ambiance, etc.) of the service.

    This is essential not only from a customer’s perspective but also for improving the functional aspects of service delivery.

    A well-planned and implemented physical environment like soothing ambiance, controlled temperature, pleasing interior designs, and pleasant fragrance motivates the employees as well in delivering their best performance without feeling restless.

    Developing Better Customer Perception

    Developing better customer perception means infusing positive imitations in the customer’s mind regarding services. Here, physical evidence plays an important in creating positive perceptions.

    For example, a car mechanic needs to augment the image of his services by putting up posters that display the service offerings or various service credentials. This creates the right mindset in the customer.

    Managing Better Service Quality

    Appropriate physical evidence also helps in managing service quality.

    For example, efficient housekeeping, cooperative staff, maintaining excellent facilities for customers, etc. assist in delivering high service quality to the customers.

    In the same way, firms that provide proper grooming to their staff manage dress codes and are sensitive about the customers associated with the firm are indirectly leading towards designing effective and quality services for the customers.

    Re-Positioning of Service

    The rebranding or repositioning of the services can also be done by changing the specifications of the physical evidence.

    For example, modifying the modes of providing services or installing new infrastructure. The company may often not change the core elements of the service but instead other aspects like the physical ambiance, the staff rendering the services, etc. for exhibiting the repositioning of service in front of the customers.

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