IndiaJets, Country’s First Subscription-based Business Aviation Start-up, Begins Operations

    In a first for India, Bengaluru-based IndiaJets launches operations as a subscription-based business aviation start-up, introducing a timeshare concept in the sky.

    In a ground-breaking move for Indian aviation, IndiaJets, the nation’s first subscription-based business aviation start-up, has announced the commencement of its operations with the IndiaJets Aircraft Membership programme. The company’s unique model, likened to a “timeshare in the sky,” is designed to cater to the specific needs of business owners and senior management, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of private aviation without the ownership or maintenance hassles.

    The IndiaJets Aircraft Membership Programme

    According to IndiaJets, subscribers need only purchase the share size corresponding to their annual flight requirement for a fixed monthly and per-hour flown fee. This innovative approach eliminates the need for hiring personnel, paying hangar rent, and the myriad details associated with whole aircraft ownership, including variable costs.

    The start-up, having internally raised seed funding of $500,000, currently operates a 6-seat business jet based at Bengaluru’s HAL airport. Moreover, it has ambitious plans to add 32 aircraft to its fleet over the next few years, spanning a range from medium to large jets.

    The Barrier of Private Jet Ownership in India

    John Kuruvilla, CEO and co-founder of IndiaJets, pointed out the steep barriers to private jet ownership in India. “The high cost of aircraft ownership, monthly operations, and maintenance are strong entry barriers,” he said. Yet he also noted the drawbacks of commercial flying, including wasted time in airports, long queues, and crowded lounges, which often make the experience unpleasant for travellers.

    Flying private is the only solution, and business leaders across the world are now doing so through fractional ownership,” Kuruvilla highlighted. Fractional ownership provides the flexibility, convenience, privacy, and time-saving benefits of aircraft ownership, without the associated capital expense or management responsibilities.

    Subscribers of the IndiaJets service will be able to customise their itinerary and set their own schedules, offering them an opportunity to save and maximise the value of their time. “Subscribers can travel in comfort in a highly sanitised space,” Kuruvilla added.

    Envisioning a New Era in Indian Aviation

    The launch of IndiaJets introduces a new era in Indian aviation, redefining the way business travel is approached in the country. It offers an innovative solution to the challenges faced by frequent flyers, providing an unparalleled blend of luxury, flexibility, and efficiency. As IndiaJets embarks on its journey, it will be interesting to watch how this novel concept shapes the future of business aviation in India.

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