Infosys Unveils Generative AI Platform Topaz to Empower Cognitive Business Solutions

    Infosys’ AI-first offering, Topaz, merges AI technology and the applied AI framework to enable efficient, ethical, and secure business solutions.

    Infosys, India’s second-largest IT services company, on Tuesday, made headlines as it announced the launch of Topaz, its new generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. This ‘AI-first’ service, solution and platform suite leverages generative AI technologies to power business, enabling cognitive solutions. The Bengaluru-based IT giant described Topaz as an offering designed to expedite business value for global enterprises, combining technology, human potential, and pervasive efficiency.

    Infosys Applied AI Framework

    Topaz brings to the table Infosys’ applied AI framework. This framework builds an AI-first core, which facilitates the delivery of cognitive solutions.

    Driving Efficiency and Productivity

    The company emphasizes that Topaz is not merely a technological tool but a means to “amplify the potential of humans, enterprises and communities.” It opens up avenues to create value from unprecedented innovations and offers access to comprehensive efficiencies.

    In line with the rising demand for efficiency and productivity-enhancing programs, Infosys’ CEO Salil Parekh observed that Topaz has been instrumental in fostering potential, both within the company and among its clients. Furthermore, Parekh noted that Infosys’ own business operations have significantly benefited from Topaz, harnessing the power of generative AI platforms and data solutions.

    ‘Responsible by Design’

    Infosys is equally adamant about its ‘responsible by design’ approach, a principle that underscores the significance of ethics, trust, privacy, security and compliance. Topaz, as a product of this philosophy, is expected to adhere to this uncompromising standard, guaranteeing a solution that aligns with ethical business practices.

    Topaz in Action

    Infosys Topaz converges the power of Infosys Cobalt cloud and data analytics to AI-power business, creating solutions and intuitive experiences that drive growth. The IT major provided examples of two cases where Topaz had been employed to yield positive outcomes.

    Case Study 1: Food and Beverage Chain

    A food and beverages chain utilised Infosys Topaz to connect unconnected data signals from new partners autonomously. The results were a “superior” off-store consumer experience, with an accuracy of over 95 per cent.

    Case Study 2: National Railway Company

    In another instance, a national railway company used Infosys Topaz to create a smart hub. This hub, dedicated to profitably building agile value-chains, collaborated with best-fit market partners for functions such as first and last mile logistics.

    Looking Forward: An AI-first Approach

    Emphasizing Infosys’ AI-first approach to its own transformation, the company announced its application of Topaz to bring the power of generative AI, analytics, and cloud to expedite its own market offering evolution and enterprise transformation. This strategy, it believes, will build incremental value from micro-changes, improve client service, reimagine business processes, software engineering and boost productivity.

    Satish HC, Executive Vice President and Co-Head Delivery at Infosys, believes that the most progressive businesses are already harnessing the power of AI. He emphasized that Infosys Topaz will bring the combined power of AI, generative AI data analytics, and cloud to clients. The aim is to assist clients in driving micro-changes to extract more value from their current operations, solutions, and services.

    Satish also highlighted the potential of Topaz to help businesses unlock next-generation opportunities. Through intelligent solutions, connected ecosystems, and growth-catalysing new business models, the platform is poised to transform not just how businesses operate, but also the possibilities they can unlock.

    In conclusion, the launch of Topaz is a testament to Infosys’ commitment to leading the charge in AI-powered business solutions. As AI continues to become an integral part of the corporate ecosystem, tools like Topaz are setting the stage for a future where technology and humans work together to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, ethics, and value creation.

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