Inquiry Demanded Over Karaikudi TNPSC Exam Centre’s 100% Clearance Rate

    In an astonishing turn of events, all 700 students from the Naduvam centre in Karaikudi have reportedly cleared the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) exams. PMK leader Ramadoss has voiced his concerns over the improbability of such a feat, urging the TNPSC to launch an inquiry into potential cheating or malpractice.


    • The Naduvam centre’s 100% clearance rate has raised eyebrows and suspicions.
    • Most of the 700 students were tutored at the same private coaching centre, adding to the concerns.
    • PMK leader Ramadoss compared this situation to a similar cheating incident in the 2018 State service commission exam.

    A Look Back at 2018

    In 2018, a cheating scandal rocked the State service commission exam, casting doubt on the integrity of the examination process. This incident has served as a reminder of the possibility of foul play in the current scenario.

    Ramadoss Questions Exam Process

    Apart from raising suspicion over the perfect clearance rate, Ramadoss questioned whether the exams for surveyors were conducted in a foolproof manner. He has urged the TNPSC to scrutinize the entire process to ensure its legitimacy.

    PMK Leader’s Call to Action

    Ramadoss has called for the following measures to be taken by the TNPSC:

    1. Launch a thorough inquiry into the Naduvam centre’s 100% clearance rate.
    2. Investigate the private coaching centre where most of the students were tutored.
    3. Review the examination process for surveyors to ensure its integrity.

    In light of the past cheating incidents and the improbability of a perfect clearance rate, it is imperative for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission to address these concerns promptly. By conducting a thorough inquiry, the TNPSC can ensure the integrity of its examination process and maintain the trust of the public.

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