Issues in Customer Expectations of Service

There are some challenging issues in front of the marketer’s service providers regarding customer expectations which are as follows:

Genuineness of the Customer’s Expectations

As the market is customer-oriented the customer demands whatever he/she wants irrespective of the nature and domain of the service provider.

The service provider has to decide which benefit is to offer to him/her as per its business model. Since every service desired by the customer has some cost and the service provider is doing business, it must include the trade-off.

Hence, it is essential to maintain a balance between the price and the benefits.

For example, while travelling through airways, the customer wants to secure the best quality food at the least possible price.

Similarly, different modem facilities like air conditioning, music or live shows or a comfortable ambience are desired by the service customers in a restaurant and they do not want to pay for that.

Ever-Increasing Customer Expectations

It is also a challenging issue for service marketers. It is vital for the service organization to have a clear understanding of the rate of rising in the customers’ expectations.

It is quite likely, that by providing good quality services, the customers expect better services next time. They expect even higher services each time as the old ones are met.

Service providers are also responsible for such increasing service expectations of the customers. In order to compete with their competitors, service providers continuously launch different kinds of schemes and offers.

These, in return, increase customer expectations.

Exceeding the Customer Expectations

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, it is not only essential to fulfil the expectations of the customers but to exceed them by offering even better services.

This varies from company to company, how they supersede others in the market and exceed beyond the customers’ expectation levels.

Deciding the Limit for Meeting Customer Expectations

It is not easy for service organizations to maintain pace with the constantly rising expectations of the customers, as the cost is incurred for every service decision.

It is not wise to ignore the financial considerations for meeting the customers’ expectations.

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