Kurnool: Invigilator Caught in Exam Malpractice – Anatomy of a Scandal

    Kurnool Medical College probes into an invigilator’s alleged exam malpractice

    In a shocking turn of events, an invigilator at Kurnool Medical College was accused of taking a photograph of the MBBS Anatomy II question paper during an examination. The students caught the invigilator red-handed and lodged a complaint with the college authorities. The administration, in response, has ordered a probe into the matter.

    The Unraveling of the Incident

    The Accusation

    The incident took place on Friday when an exam was being held at Kurnool Medical College. The invigilator, identified as Chakrapani, was allegedly caught in the act by the examinees. They accused him of taking a photograph of the question paper on his mobile phone, raising suspicions about his intentions and possible malpractices.

    The Complaint

    As soon as the students noticed the misconduct, they filed a complaint against Chakrapani with the college authorities. In their complaint, they demanded an immediate investigation into the matter and appropriate action against the invigilator.

    The Administration’s Response

    The Probe

    Following the complaint, the college administration promptly ordered a probe into the matter. The Chief Observer of the medical college, who questioned Chakrapani, stated that he gave evading answers, further intensifying the suspicions.

    The Investigation Panel

    The administration formed an investigation panel, which has been directed to finish its inquiry by Saturday. As of now, further details are awaited, and the outcome of the investigation remains to be seen.

    The Larger Picture

    This incident brings to light the persistent issue of exam malpractices in the Indian education system. In recent years, there have been multiple cases of question paper leaks, cheating, and other unethical practices during examinations.

    Some notable examples include:

    1. The 2018 CBSE paper leak scandal
    2. The 2019 Intermediate exam malpractices in Telangana
    3. The Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh

    These incidents highlight the need for more stringent measures and increased vigilance to safeguard the integrity of the examination process.

    The Way Forward

    In order to prevent such incidents in the future, educational institutions must focus on the following:

    • Implementing stricter security measures for question paper handling and distribution
    • Regular training and monitoring of invigilators to ensure they follow ethical practices
    • Utilizing technology to detect and prevent cheating during exams
    • Encouraging students to report any malpractice they witness

    As the Kurnool Medical College scandal unfolds, it serves as a reminder that the fight against exam malpractices is far from over. The education system must adapt and remain vigilant in order to maintain its credibility and ensure a fair examination process for all students.

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