Limitations of Performance Coaching

    The various limitations of performance coaching are stated below:

    1. New skills can be created by performance coaching. But, if these skills are not implemented at a greater level of self-generation and self-awareness, better results will only be temporary.

    They will not be long lasting or sustainable. These can be treated as momentary and indicative solutions.

    2. There can be some differences between organizational goals and individual goals, as coaching is mainly influenced by organizational necessities.

    There are a number of questions related to how these goals match with the requirements of the organization and whether success can be obtained in the existing setup or not.

    The deep or complex concerns of the client may not be addressed by coaching.

    3. Some kind of performance standards are intimated, which are not necessarily explicit and are implied when coaching is conducted as per the performance metrics.

    Learning can be tougher due to comparison to specified metrics. This is because of the fact that when a learner faces tensions and stress due to the performance gap, the deeply rooted ineffective habits can become stronger.

    4. There can be some incidents when the coach is stuck to a certain option, i.e., promoting or selling, and emphasizes this option more in comparison to other available options.

    This mainly results due to more experience or have encountered similar situations in the past.

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