Methods for Relationship Marketing

    Different significant methods that can be used for relationship marketing are as follows:

    Methods of Relationship Marketing

    Customer Satisfaction

    The efforts from different activities and functions of an organization will be required in order to obtain a higher customer satisfaction level.

    Only relationship managers are not responsible for relationship development.

    There are many significant examples of those organizations which are successful in obtaining higher numbers of recommendations from customers despite not having any significant relationship marketing program.

    A higher number of repeat sales can be obtained even by the firms which have poor standards of service by charging low prices from the customers in a highly competitive market.


    Another method used for relationship marketing is getting the trust of the customers. Many marketers have studied the concept of trust deeply, which can be considered a trivial multi-dimensional concept.

    There are some specific retailers, for example, Boots and John Lewis, who are able to gain higher rankings consistently in the different surveys which are conducted to analyze the customer’s trust in the firms, and thus, it is quite evident that the customer loyalty of these firms is quite high.

    1. Value Addition to a Relationship

    There must be some value addition for the customers in order to have a sustainable relationship. The following methods can be adopted in order to create some value:

    2. Making the Reordering Simple

    The value m customer relationship may be added by making the reordering or reacquiring of services simple and convenient for the customers.

    For example, many hotels record the preferences and details of their customers so that they need not give complete details again when they check-in in the future.

    3. Providing Privileges to Customers

    It includes offering various types of privileges to those customers who want to have a term relationship with the firm.

    For example, different special events are organized by big retailers for their loyal customers as well as official magazines are mailed to them free of cost.

    4. Mutual Cooperation to Solve the Problems

    Organizations need to mutually cooperate with the customers so as to help them identify their problems or requirements and then provide their solutions.

    For example, at the time of service, the service in charge of the garage may expose some hidden problems in the bike of the customer; thus, it helps in adding value to the relationships with customers.

    Developing Barriers to Prevent Exit

    The companies can make it really very hard for the customers to switch to the competitors and thus, ensure the re-buying from them.

    When continuous support is provided by the supplier, the customers are forced to fall prey to these tactics of the marketers.

    In situations where the industrial suppliers are the sole providers of spare parts or consumable items, a long ongoing relationship with the customers is established so that the customers continuously buy their products.

    In order to receive preferential treatment from the suppliers, many firms negotiate an exclusive supply agreement with them.

    In such situations, customers have a dependency on the suppliers for the short term.

    In fact, these relationships are not everlasting (for example, in situations where the machines break down or the exclusive supply contract is renewed), and this is the time when the real loyalty of a customer can be tested.

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