Nature of Educational Services

    The nature of educational services has been discussed below:

    1. Blended Learning: Educational services are mainly the combination of various elements like forums, readings, textbooks, blackboard courses, wikis, e-lectures, face-to-face lectures, etc.

    Both the online and face-to-face instruction are combined with blended learning events especially related to the learning situations, like budget, study material target group, learning objectives, attitudes, motivation, etc.

    2. Inconsistent: There is a lot of variation in the service quality of the education for different customers. This makes the job of marketers more complicated.

    It is important for these marketers to make sure that these characteristics of the education service are utilized effectively so that the different requirements of the customers can be fulfilled.

    In order to deal with problems related to specific features of the education, the use of a marketing mix can be done.

    3. Traditional and Modern Learning Components: Educational services have certain drawbacks.

    The features of both traditional teaching components and modern learning components must be analyzed during the service creation process.

    4. Service Quality: The quality of the educational product can be improved by significantly improving the educational offerings like, revising the syllabus and adding the recent development taking place in the subject, taking students for industrial visits, conducting workshops and seminars, etc.

    The varied customers’ expectations can be satisfied with the help of experienced instructors and improved infrastructure. By having a suitable combination of all Ps, customer-oriented courses can be offered.

    5. Competition: In the coming years, a lot of competition can be expected in the education industry mainly due to the provision of private and foreign institutions.

    Despite having a lot of success in facilitating education to the common public, India has still a lot to accomplish in this regard as more than one-third part of India still lacks literacy.

    6. Education as Necessity: In almost all the segments, the significance of education is of utmost significance.

    A greater opportunity can be explored by the marketers especially in the field of job-focused and application-oriented education resulting from the vast scope of education.

    The Indian education system is facing some major issues such as disorientation to employment-related education and participative education. Marketers are required to work on these to sustain in this era of globalization.

    7. Standardisation: The focus of standardization of educational service platforms can be shifted to the preparation, accomplishment, results, combining the external elements, and augmenting the different factors of a typical service process.

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