Objectives of ILO

Various objectives of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) are discussed below:

1). To offer sufficient security of health and life in every profession.

2). To offer surety of occupational and educational opportunities.

3). To develop policies and rules, in order to achieve the objective, under suitable assurance for all the people attached to it regarding training, transfer of labour, settlements, and employee relocation.

4). To arrange appropriate jobs in which the workers feel satisfied and uplift the living standards and encourage full employment.

5). To formulate provisions of earnings, bonuses and wages, and other settings of work. All these are measured to make sure the profits of growth are distributed among all and the lowest wage for living and security requirements are also met.

6). To offer rights of collective bargaining, the support of employees and management in the constant enhancement of efficiency, and the association of workers and employers in economic and social dealings.

7). To offer social security provisions i.e., to provide a basic income to all those who are in dire need of such security and complete medical care.

8). To offer the facilities of maternity care and child welfare

9). To offer the facilities for culture and leisure and amenities of housing and appropriate nutrition.

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