Objectives of Labour Laws

Objectives of labour laws are as follows:

  1. To protect the workers from profit-seeking exploiters.
  2. To ensure that the service conditions should be clearly spelled out by employer to the employee.
  3. To improve and regulate the working condition of workers employed in different factories and establishments.
  4. To make statutory provisions for the regular training of a certain number of apprentices in different trades.
  5. To ensure that the employees are paid their wages on fixed dates and there should be no deduction made from the wages.
  6. To promote cordial industrial relations and industrial peace between employers and employees.
  7. To preserve the health, safety, and welfare of workers.
  8. To protect the interests of women and children working in the factories.
  9. To maintain the dignity of employees in the organisation.
  10. To provide protection for the weaker section.
  11. To provide the rights of collective bargaining to the employee.
  12. To provide the appropriate machinery to the employees for the purpose of controlling pollution in the working area.

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