Objectives of Performance Management

    The main objectives of performance management are stated below:

    1. To facilitate the employees to achieve higher levels of performance.
    2. To help the employees determine the various required skills and knowledge to work efficiently. Thus, the focus of the employees is brought to executing the right work in the right manner.
    3. To enhance employee performance with the help of motivation, employee empowerment, and an effective reward system.
    4. Establish a two-way communication channel between superiors and subordinates so that various expectations can be clearly communicated with reference to the accountabilities, functional, and organizational objectives, facilitating fair and regular feedback for better employee performance and regular coaching.
    5. To determine the various hurdles in high performance and remove them with regular coaching, development programs, and supervision.
    6. To develop a foundation for various promotions and performance^ based payment systems, administrative decisions, strategic planning, and succession planning.
    7. To facilitate the acquisition of desired skills and knowledge for ensuring and boosting the personal development of employees.
    8. To motivate, reward, and empower employees in order to achieve the best results from them.
    9. To maintain a sync between the individual and organizational objectives.
    10. To manage the performance proactively as per mutually agreed objectives and responsibilities.
    11. To improve the performance of employees and teams to their optimum level so that it can benefit both employees and the organization by focusing on the accomplishment of their goals.

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