Objectives of Performance Planning

The objectives of performance planning can be studied at three different levels:

1. Organisational Level

  1. Defining and communicating the organization’s goals, objectives, missions, and strategies with the employees of the organization;
  2. Providing required training and resources and assisting the employees in accomplishment of desired goals and objectives;
  3. Ensuring that employees are provided with regular feedback; and
  4. Matching organizational objectives with job descriptions.

2. Manager Level

  1. Providing die employees with a chance to participate in goal setting exercise with a view of improving goal ownership and accountability standards;
  2. Defining and clarifying performance measures used for measuring employee’s performance in achieving the set goals and objectives;
  3. Providing training as and when required to the employee so as to enable him to perform as expected; and
  4. Providing regular ‘on-the-job’ feedback.

3) Employee Level

  1. Determining performance goals and objectives with the manager;
  2. Considering the manager as a mentor or guide rather than a judge;
  3. Accepting feedback from superiors; and
  4. Providing information on performance by developing self- efficiency.

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