Objectives of Self-Assessment

    Objectives of self-assessment for an employee are:

    1. To provide an opportunity to recapitulate:

    1. The various activities he has undertaken in relation to different functions associated with his role;
    2. His achievements and failures with regard to these; and
    3. The capabilities he demonstrated and capabilities he felt as lacking in carrying out these activities and the various managerial and behavioral dimensions he demonstrated over the year.

    2. To identify his own development needs and plan for his development in the organization by identifying the support he requires from his reporting officer and others in the organization.

    3. To communicate to his reporting officer his contributions, accomplishments, and reflections to enable him to view his (appraisee’s) performance in the right perspective and assess more objectively.

    This is a necessary preparation for performance review discussions and performance improvement plans.

    4. To initiate an organization-wide process of annual review and reflection to strengthen self-initiated development for managerial effectiveness.

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