Performance Appraisal As a Training Needs Assessment

    A Training Needs Assessment (TNA) is the systematic method of determining if a training need exists and if it does, what training is required to fill the gap between the standard and the actual performance of the employee.

    Performance appraisal is a useful tool for employee development initiatives. Performance appraisals can identify a company’s top performers to ensure the most productive delivery of pay raises and promotions.

    Continually updating training programs based on performance appraisal feedback can boost the workforce’s productivity and efficiency over time.

    Performance appraisal data can be relevant in the needs analysis process if the performance appraisal system allows for the identification of employee training needs.

    Strengths and weaknesses in past performance are identified. Action plans and goals are developed to address the weaknesses and build on the strengths.

    Training and development can often solve performance problems. As part of the performance appraisal, the personal development plan can be used to plan the employee’s future development and identify development opportunities.

    Performance appraisals must be conducted regularly for the information to be useful in the needs analysis process.

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