Principles of Performance Coaching

    Assisting any employee to move them from their current position to their desired position is the main focal point of various principles of coaching.

    This can be seen as a framework that can be employed for establishing the team and individual learning ability, self-awareness, and competence development.

    Following are the principles of coaching:

    1. Technology of Human Interaction and Development: Coaching can be seen as a technology that is concerned with human interaction and development.

    The following points are included in it:

    1. The technologies of behavioral, cognitive, developmental, and emotional intelligence are its foundation.
    2. It forms the basis of the most respectful manner of interaction among different individuals.

    2. Organisational Culture Development: Organisational culture development for creating genius is the main aspect of coaching.

    The following points are included in it:

    1. The competence of each individual ranging from the production room to the board room is improved for the utilization of collective genius so that the production of the highest quality competitive products and services can be developed,
    2. The concept that risk-taking provides learning and better results are understood by the individuals,
    3. Both organization and manpower are benefited from this exercise.

    3. Person or Team Development: Overall development of team and individual is the focus of coaching.

    The following points are included:

    1. Coaching is provided to individuals so that they can fully develop themselves professionally and individually and convert these capabilities into meaningful results.
    2. The real talents, passions, geniuses, and strengths of various individuals can be identified with the help of a coach so that these individuals can accomplish their goals.

    4. Focuses on the Person being Coached: Rather than focusing on the coach, the main emphasis remains on the individual who has to undergo coaching.

    The following points are to be noted:

    1. There is a difference in the standard training, teaching, managing, and consulting, and coaching. In coaching, expertise is not provided as directives.
    2. With the help of focused listening and strategic questioning, the main focus of the coach remains on undergoing individual training.

    5. Environment Creation: Creating an environment for performance improvement is the main focus of coaching.

    The following facts are included in it:

    1. The development of a trusting relationship in which truth can be spoken is the coach’s responsibility.
    2. The existence of a sense of mutual respect and purpose within the environment.
    3. Different situations that are conducive for the coachable moments are created by the coach by putting his agenda on one side and fully concentrating on the individual under training.
    4. In order to be distinctive, language is used by coaches, which helps in creating awareness, and behavioral changes can be imparted.
    5. Coach asks the individuals to perform more than their own expectations.

    6. Accomplishing Desired Business Results: Accomplishing the desired business goals from the manpower of the business is the main focus of coaching.

    Due to the implementation of coaching, greater efforts are put by the individuals to achieve greater results in the fields of motivation, feedback, performance, and team development.

    7. Success is Evaluated by the Progress: The progress, enhanced development, and growth of the individual under training determine the success of coaching. The following points are included in it:

    1. The perception of the individual under coaching is the parameter for the evaluation of coaching.
    2. It conveys that the bottom-line is directly influenced by the growth and development of the individuals.
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