Process of Performance Coaching

    The various steps which are associated with performance coaching are as follows:

    Step 1: Preliminary Meeting: On a certain date, venue, time, and agenda, a meeting is initiated by the manager with the employee in order to have a discussion regarding the performance of the employee.

    This meeting is conducted to understand the viewpoint of an employee with reference to his area of expertise and improvement areas in the performance.

    Facilitating the information related to strengths and weaknesses and preliminary data and information on performance is the main objective of this interaction.

    Step 2: Joint Action Planning: A conclusive viewpoint is attained by the employee and the manager with reference to various issues, causes, and factors leading to degradation of performance.

    The main objective is to come up with a joint action plan so that the performance can be improved. Specific methods and techniques are included in this action plan, which can be used to avoid the various reasons for poor performance.

    In order to accomplish the action plan, different managerial support, guidance, and organizational resources are also identified.

    To ensure the ownership of the action plan for the improvement of the employee, the involvement of both manager and employee is compulsory.

    Step 3: Performance Improvement Contract: Once a mutual agreement is achieved for the joint goal setting of performance improvement, documentation is the next stage, which will require the signing of the manager and the employee so that the accountability of m employee is ensured.

    Step 4: Formal Monitoring: All the goals and objectives which were decided in the performance improvement action plan are required to be supervised by the manager against the actual performance of the employee.

    This will help the manager to have an account of the efforts and involvement of the employees so that the various issues and problems arising in the performance and working can be handled effectively to accomplish the performance improvement action plan.

    Step 5: Feedback: Based on the formal monitoring by the manager, employees must be provided feedback regarding their performance in order to rectify any kind of deviation or take various corrective measures.

    Step 6: Termination: There will be an end to the performance coaching relationship when a performance improvement action plan is accomplished by overcoming all the shortcomings and deficiencies and achieving all the goals and objectives for performance improvement.

    The performance coaching relationship does not, however, come to an end as some other performance issues keep emerging, which needs immediate attention.

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