Samsung’s Novel OLED Display Paves Way for Return of iPhone’s Touch ID

    Samsung’s innovative display technology with integrated fingerprint and health sensors opens the door for the potential comeback of Touch ID in future iPhones.

    Samsung’s latest development in OLED display panels is pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology by incorporating fingerprint and health sensors directly into the panel. This breakthrough could potentially signal the return of the much-missed Touch ID in future iPhone models, a feature that was replaced by Face ID in the iPhone X and later models.

    Samsung’s Sensor OLED Display: A Game-changer

    Technology Overview

    Samsung’s new Sensor OLED Display offers a fresh approach to biometric data collection and display panel engineering. By embedding the light-sensing organic photodiode (OPD) directly within the display panel, Samsung has eliminated the need for separate sensor modules, thus streamlining the design and functionality of smartphones.

    One of the standout features of this novel technology is its ability to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels by placing two fingers on the screen. The principle behind this is the detection of variations in OLED light reflection caused by the expansion and contraction of blood vessels within the fingers. As the reflected light returns to the panel, the integrated OPD senses these changes and converts them into valuable health data.

    The South Korean tech giant, Samsung Display, announced, “To accurately measure a person’s blood pressure, it is necessary to measure the blood pressure of both arms. The Sensor OLED display can simultaneously sense the fingers of both hands, providing more accurate health information than existing wearable devices.” This makes Samsung the first to release panel technology capable of simultaneously sensing fingerprints and biometric information.

    Implications for iPhone

    Rumours have been swirling for some time that Apple is actively working on technology that would facilitate display-embedded fingerprint sensing, potentially heralding the return of Touch ID in future iPhone models. Samsung’s latest OLED technology could provide a viable solution to this need. It’s worth noting, however, that while the reintroduction of Touch ID is feasible, it is not guaranteed.

    Reports indicate that Apple is also considering the integration of Face ID sensors under the iPhone display. This development is expected to materialize in 2025 or later, implying that Touch ID may not reappear on the iPhone, depending on the trajectory of Apple’s technological advancements.

    Samsung’s Rollable Flex: The Future of Display

    In addition to the Sensor OLED Display, Samsung has unveiled a new display called Rollable Flex. This cutting-edge display, unlike traditional foldable or slidable designs, offers scalability of up to three times. The display can be rolled and unrolled along an axis resembling the letter “O,” similar to a scroll, thereby overcoming the limitations of existing designs.

    Samsung is showcasing these new OLED technologies at the SID Display Week held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. The event is scheduled to run from May 23 to May 25.

    Potential Impact and Industry Reaction

    The new OLED display technologies could revolutionize the smartphone industry, giving manufacturers a competitive edge and offering consumers increased convenience and functionality. The return of Touch ID in future iPhone models, should it happen, would be a significant milestone for Apple, and Samsung’s new OLED technology might just be the key to unlocking this possibility.

    In addition, the integration of health sensors into the display panel could redefine the way we monitor our health, bringing medical-grade health tracking right to our fingertips. This could be particularly beneficial for those with chronic health conditions requiring constant monitoring, effectively transforming smartphones into powerful health management tools.

    The announcement of these novel technologies has undoubtedly piqued the interest of industry insiders and technology enthusiasts alike. The SID Display Week in Los Angeles is expected to draw a significant crowd, eager to witness Samsung’s OLED display innovations in action. This event will also provide an opportunity for Samsung to demonstrate the capabilities and potential applications of these technologies, further solidifying their position as a leading innovator in the display technology sector.

    In conclusion, Samsung’s novel OLED display technologies, if adopted by major smartphone manufacturers, could herald a new era in smartphone design and functionality. The potential return of Touch ID to future iPhone models would be a welcome change for many users, and the ability to track vital health metrics directly from the smartphone screen could make a significant impact on personal health management. These advancements showcase Samsung’s commitment to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology to create a more integrated, seamless user experience.

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