Scaler Joins Hands with Disney+ Hotstar for World Test Championship 2023

    Edtech startup Scaler announces a strategic partnership with Disney+ Hotstar for the much-awaited World Test Championship Final 2023, amplifying their innovative brand campaign.

    In a strategic move to reach its target audience of tech professionals, Scaler, one of the leading edtech startups, has partnered with the popular online streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar. The partnership marks their presence at the forthcoming World Test Championship (WTC) Final, which will be held between India and Australia from 7th to 11th June 2023. This partnership is anticipated to give Scaler a massive boost, aiming to collect approximately 50 million cumulative impressions from the event, as their latest brand film is broadcasted during the matches.

    Scaler’s Innovative Approach to Marketing

    Since its launch, Scaler has managed to break away from the usual marketing methods. The startup strategically targets working tech professionals and IT specialists, ensuring maximum impact with minimal marketing costs. Known for its clutter-breaking messages and digital-first approach, Scaler’s campaigns have consistently challenged the norms of learning and career growth in the tech sector.

    Previous Successful Campaigns and Partnerships

    Scaler’s success with its “skills-trump-degrees” campaign is a testament to its Below-The-Line (BTL) approach. The startup has optimally utilized channels such as OTT platforms, YouTube, and social media engagement activities and has engaged in numerous content collaborations across various genres and geographical locations. In fact, Scaler’s previous association with Disney+Hotstar as an Associate Sponsor for the Asia Cup is an excellent example of their effective marketing strategy.

    Speaking about the partnership, Rahul Karthikeyan, Chief Marketing Officer Scaler & InterviewBit, said, “We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Disney+ Hotstar for the much-anticipated Final between India and Australia. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in Scaler’s evolving brand-marketing journey as we move beyond the safe harbour of our minimal investment for a maximum-impact approach. Our goal is to enhance visibility for the brand by aligning with niche sporting events that reach our desired demographic.”

    Building Brand Awareness

    In order to create more visibility and appeal to a broader audience, Scaler has chosen to align with high-decibel sporting events like cricket. It believes that such strategic associations will generate instant brand awareness among a wider group of potential learners.

    In 2022, Scaler announced a 100 crore investment in digital marketing to capture the attention of young and aspiring tech professionals. This sustainable, low-cash-burn strategy led to a 100% increase in enrolment inquiries for its online programs and a staggering 200% increase in time spent by existing learners on the platform.

    Scaler’s BTL Approach

    Scaler’s BTL approach also includes strategic partnerships with creators and influencers such as Alright, Ankur Warikoo, JordIndian, RVCJ, TVF, and more. This has helped the brand optimise costs while still yielding positive outcomes.

    Last year, Scaler produced two popular Telugu, Marathi web series, and a regional language movie, generating millions of views per episode on YouTube. The brand’s collaborations with regional influencers like Parithabangal and Prafull MBA Chai Wala have further helped elevate the brand’s presence in regions experiencing increasing upskilling demand.

    As the World Test Championship Final 2023 draws near, Scaler’s innovative partnership with Disney+ Hotstar presents a unique opportunity for the edtech startup to connect with its audience, promoting a progressive narrative of skill-based career growth.

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