Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme: All You Need To Know

    Tanishq, a renowned Indian jewellery brand, has introduced Tanishq Golden Harvest, a smart, secure, and convenient way to own Tanishq jewellery at a discounted price. Through this innovative scheme, customers can invest in monthly instalments and receive a special discount on their jewellery purchase upon maturity.

    Key Features of Tanishq Golden Harvest

    Flexible Plans

    Tanishq Golden Harvest offers two plan durations:

    1. 10-month plan
    2. 6-month plan

    Customers can choose a plan based on their needs and financial goals.

    Easy Account Opening and Payment Options

    Customers can open a Golden Harvest account online via the Tanishq website or app, or by visiting their nearest Tanishq showroom. They have the option to pay monthly instalments through various methods, including:

    • Cash
    • Card
    • Online banking using SI or ACH
    • Post-dated cheque facilities

    Instalment Amounts

    The minimum instalment value is INR 2000 per month, and customers can choose to increase their instalments in multiples of INR 1000. Payments must be made on the due date every month for the chosen plan duration (10 months or 6 months).

    Special Discount on Maturity

    After the completion of the chosen plan duration, customers will be eligible for a special discount of up to 75% of the first instalment value paid. This discount can be utilized when purchasing jewellery from Tanishq.

    Benefits of Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme

    • Customers can plan financially for their desired jewellery purchase.
    • The scheme offers flexibility in choosing the monthly deposit amount based on individual needs and financial position.
    • The special discount of up to 75% on jewellery value allows customers to buy more than what they paid for.

    Terms and Conditions

    • A minimum deposit of Rs. 2,000 per month is required for a period of 10 months or 6 months, depending on the plan selected.
    • The account must be closed within 385 days for the 10-month scheme or within 235 days for the 6-month scheme from the date of account opening.
    • The scheme covers the purchase of gold and diamond jewellery only. Gold and silver coins cannot be purchased under the scheme.
    • Only one instalment can be made in a month.
    • If the individual fails to make a deposit for more than 2 months, the scheme will be cancelled, and the principal amount will be refunded.
    • The amount must be redeemed within 235 days (for the 6-month scheme) or 385 days (for the 10-month scheme) from the date of account opening.
    • Customers are required to record all payments in a Scheme Book, which will be provided upon registering for the scheme.

    Example of Tanishq Golden Harvest Discount Calculation

    Here’s an example to illustrate the special discount applied to the jewellery purchase (assuming all instalments are paid on the due date):

    Enrolment Date Maturity Date Instalment per month (in ₹) Discount on Jewellery purchase (in ₹) % of monthly instalment
    1st Jan 2023 1st Jan 2024 2000 1500 75%

    A Step Towards Enhancing Customer Experience

    Tanishq has always aimed for excellence in product quality, delivery, and customer experience. The launch of the Tanishq Golden Harvest scheme is another step towards achieving this goal. By providing customers with a convenient and flexible way to invest in their desired jewellery, Tanishq continues to solidify its position as a leading Indian jewellery brand.

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