Tether and Business University Collaborate for Blockchain Education in Georgia

    Tether announces a partnership with Business & Technology University to foster blockchain and cryptocurrency education among Georgian students.

    Tether Operations Limited (Tether), a prominent stablecoin operator, has entered into a partnership with Business & Technology University (BTU) in Georgia, aiming to enrich the students with crucial knowledge and skills related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. This partnership is designed to nurture the upcoming generation of blockchain professionals by incorporating educational programmes, expert lectures, and internship opportunities into the curriculum.

    A Path to Blockchain Mastery

    In alignment with the memorandum of understanding (MoU), Tether will engage with BTU’s education programmes, focusing on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer technologies. The initiative is set to enlighten students about the fundamentals of stablecoins, bitcoin, and other innovative financial technologies that enhance financial freedom and free speech.

    Moreover, Tether’s participation in the curriculum development is expected to ensure the students receive comprehensive and contemporary knowledge on the ever-evolving blockchain industry.

    Program Features and Structure

    The programme, conducted in collaboration with the Academy of Digital Industry and Terminal, Georgia’s largest co-working space, will run over a month. It aims to provide the students with an enriching practical experience, combined with essential hands-on knowledge for their professional development.

    The curriculum is planned to include eight lectures delivered by local as well as international blockchain experts. Guest lecturers will infuse the course with invaluable insights. Upon completion of the course, students will work on a final project, applying their acquired knowledge in a real-world setting.

    Understanding the importance of field experience, Tether and BTU will arrange internship opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem, aiming to create a valuable link between academic learning and industry requirements.

    Expert Opinions and Anticipations

    Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, Paolo Ardoino, the Chief Technology Officer of Tether, emphasized Tether’s commitment to support education and academia. Ardoino sees this partnership with BTU as an outstanding opportunity to engage with students in the region and promote the growth of the blockchain industry.

    Likewise, Professor Nino Enukidze, the Rector of BTU, underscored the significance of the partnership with Tether in establishing a robust blockchain education ecosystem in Georgia. Enukidze envisions this collaboration providing BTU students with excellent learning opportunities from industry experts, thereby enabling them to gain practical skills and contribute to the digital economy’s development.

    In Conclusion

    By facilitating expert lectures, practical projects, and internships, this partnership aims to mould the next generation of blockchain experts in Georgia. Tether’s commitment to education, combined with BTU’s focus on applied learning, makes this collaboration a promising step towards the growth of the blockchain ecosystem and the broader digital economy.

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