The impact of drug abuse and dependence can be

    1. far-reached, affected almost
    2. far-reached, effecting almost
    3. far-reaching, affecting almost
    4. far-reaching, effected almost
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    Correct option is C. far-reaching, affecting almost

    The impact of drug abuse and dependence can be _____ every organ in the human body

    Explanation: In this sentence, “far-reaching” is the appropriate adjective to describe the extensive or wide-ranging impact of drug abuse and dependence. “Affecting” is the correct verb form to use because it means to produce a change or influence on something, in this case, almost every organ in the human body. The combination of “far-reaching” and “affecting” accurately conveys the broad and significant impact of drug abuse and dependence on the human body.

    Example: The far-reaching consequences of drug abuse and dependence include damage to the liver, heart, lungs, and brain, as well as increased risk of mental health issues, infectious diseases, and various other health problems.


    • Long-term drug abuse can lead to chronic health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, and liver damage.
    • Substance abuse can negatively impact mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, or more severe conditions such as psychosis.
    • Drug abuse can weaken the immune system, making individuals more susceptible to infections and illnesses.

    Relevant Stats:

    • According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), substance abuse costs the United States more than $740 billion annually in healthcare, lost productivity, and crime-related expenses.
    • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that in 2019, 20.4 million people aged 12 or older in the United States had a substance use disorder.
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