Transforming Education for Indian Students: SIM GE’s Transnational Model in Singapore

    Indian students seeking to study abroad now have more options than ever before, and one of the best choices is the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). SIM Global Education (GE), the education arm of SIM, offers a transnational education (TNE) model that provides Indian students with the opportunity to study in top-ranked universities from around the world while remaining in Singapore.

    SIM GE’s Transnational Education Model

    The TNE model offered by SIM GE allows Indian students to obtain a well-rounded global education without leaving Singapore. The programme provides a range of academic programmes, including foundation and diploma programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and more than 120 programmes in partnership with 10 prestigious universities from Australia, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Students are directly awarded degrees from the universities they study under the SIM GE programme, providing them with international credentials and a global perspective.

    The TNE model is designed to prepare learners to be future-ready and thrive in life through lifelong learning. It emphasizes the overall experience of the student by providing a holistic student life experience that includes a sprawling campus, student clubs and councils, and student support services. Beyond the classroom, the institution focuses on personal development, helping students grow as leaders and develop organizational and people skills.

    The Cost Advantage

    One of the significant advantages of the SIM GE TNE model is the cost savings compared to on-campus fees in Australia and the United Kingdom. The cost of living in Singapore is also lower, making it an attractive destination for Indian students. Additionally, transfer and exchange opportunities with the home country of the university partner allow students to gain experience and knowledge from two countries, providing them with a competitive edge in the global job market.

    Recognitions and Awards

    SIM GE has received several recognitions and awards, including the EduTrust Star certification award on August 20, 2022. The award is conferred to private education institutions that have attained a commendable level of performance in managing their institutions and providing an outstanding quality of education and welfare for their students. The award is also a recognition of outstanding achievement in their field of work, further establishing the institution’s reputation as a leading provider of transnational education.

    Singapore: The Best Destination for Overseas Studies

    Singapore is considered one of the best nations in the world for overseas studies for several reasons. It is ranked as the safest country in the world for international travel, according to The Swiftest Travel Safety Index 2022. Singapore also tops the list of nations for economic freedom in the world, according to the 2022 Index of Economic Freedom. It is ranked as one of the top nations to do business in, according to the EIU Business Environment Rankings 2022, and ranked second in the list of most talent-competitive countries in the world, according to the Global City Talent Competitiveness Index 2022.


    The SIM GE TNE model provides Indian students with an excellent opportunity to obtain a well-rounded global education, with a focus on personal development, career readiness, and lifelong learning. With transfer and exchange opportunities available, students can gain experience and knowledge from two countries, providing them with a competitive edge in the global job market. SIM GE’s reputation as a leading provider of transnational education is further established by the recognition and awards it has received. Combined with Singapore’s reputation as one of the best nations in the world for overseas studies, SIM GE is an ideal choice for Indian students seeking a global education experience.

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