Types of New Services

The types of new services are as follows:

1) Style Modifications: Style modifications refer to the basic form of innovation, which usually does not involve any process or efficiency changes. Yet, modification in style is frequently seen, which helps in arousing enthusiasm, and it can also encourage the staff.

For example, giving a new color to the retail outlets and means of transportation, redesigning the uniform of the employees, introducing payments through a new bank check, or introducing trivial change in the service guidelines for the staff.

2) Service Improvements: Service improvement is the usual form of innovation. It involves moderate changes in the efficiency of the products by either enhancing the basic product or adding additional services.

For example, extending service hours of banks, adding facilities to the hotel room, etc.

3) Supplementary-Service Innovations: Supplementary-service innovations include adding supplementary service to a basic service or further enhancing the supplementary services.

4) Process-Line Extensions: Process-line extensions are not as innovative as process innovations. However, it involves novel ways of delivering the products or services, which offers more comfort and a novel experience for the present customers.

It is also helpful in attracting those customers who find traditional methods unattractive. Usual types of process-line extensions include introducing a lower-contact distribution channel to a current high-contact channel, like offering internet or telephonic banking services to the customers to ease the processes.

5) Product-line Extensions: Product-line extension refers to adding more products to the existing product lines. Those who take the first move are considered as pioneers and the rest as followers. These services can cater to serve broader needs of the existing customers and/or attract new ones with varying needs.

6) Major Process Innovations: When an organization’s existing core services are offered with new service processes along with additional benefits, it is called process innovation. These innovations help in adding new customers to the organization.

7) Major Service Innovations: Major service innovations refer to introducing novel services in the market which have never seen before. Generally, these services have new features/benefits and are offered through new processes.

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