Unified Commission for Teacher Recruitment in Uttar Pradesh

    In a move aimed at streamlining the teacher recruitment process across the state, the Uttar Pradesh government is set to establish an autonomous commission responsible for the selection of teachers in basic, secondary, higher, and technical colleges. The commission will also conduct the Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test (UPTET) exam. Previously, separate authorities, boards, and commissions were responsible for teacher recruitment.

    A New Integrated Commission

    On April 4, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath provided guidelines for the formation of the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission (Uttar Pradesh Siksha Seva Chayan Ayog) as an integrated body for the selection of candidates. The commission will be responsible for conducting the UPTET exam and ensuring it is held on time.

    Inclusion of All Educational Institutions

    Recruitment of teachers in non-government-aided madrasas and minority educational institutions will also be carried out by the new commission. The Chief Minister emphasized that the new commission should include representatives from other backward classes, scheduled castes/tribes, women, and minorities.

    Institutions to be Covered by the Commission Institutions Previously Responsible for Selection
    Council Junior Basic Schools Examination Regulatory Authority
    Non-Government-Aided Junior High Schools Secondary Education Service Selection Commission
    Affiliated Primary Schools Higher Education Service Selection Commission
    Non-Government-Aided Minority Junior High Schools Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission
    Affiliated Minority Primary Schools Board of Management for Minority Institutions
    Government High Schools / Intermediate Colleges Board of Governance / Board of Directors for Technical Institutions
    Non-Government-Aided High Schools / Intermediate Colleges
    Government and Aided Sanskrit Schools
    Non-Government Aided Minority High Schools / Intermediate Colleges

    Benefits of a Unified Commission

    The integrated commission is expected to bring numerous benefits to the teacher recruitment process in Uttar Pradesh. According to the Director General of School Education, Uttar Pradesh, Vijay Kiran Anand, the unified commission will exclusively engage in teachers’ selections for all educational sectors, addressing shortcomings of previous selection processes. Additionally, the commission will ensure greater transparency and more extensive use of information technology.

    Commission Structure and Qualifications

    The new integrated commission will be headed by a person with experience equivalent to that of the vice-chancellor of universities or with a long history in the Indian Administrative Service. Senior judges and experienced educationists will serve as members of the commission.

    Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed officials to prepare and present a proposal outlining the nature of the new commission, the qualifications of the chairman and members, and the powers and functions of the commission.

    Streamlining the Selection Process

    The formation of the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission is aimed at ensuring a time-bound selection process, better utilization of human resources, and financial discipline. The commission will function as an autonomous corporate body, with guidelines for the direct recruitment of teachers being drafted by the commission itself.

    In conclusion, the establishment of the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission promises to revolutionize the teacher recruitment process in the state. With a more transparent, efficient, and inclusive system in place, the future of education in Uttar Pradesh looks brighter than ever.

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