What are the Differences Between Online and Offline?

Interactionlimited physical interactiondirect contact
Costrelatively cheaperexpensive
Deliveryinstant deliverydelayed delivery
Availability of Optionsnumerous optionsrestricted options
Convenience24/7 accessrestricted hours
Touch and Feel Factorunavailableavailable
Accessibilityworldwide accesslocal access
Shopping Experiencevirtual shopping experiencereal shopping experience
Returns Policyeasy returns policycomplex returns policy
Payment Optionsmore payment optionsfewer payment options
Product Quality Verificationcannot check the quality of the productable to check the quality of the product
Transparency in Pricingtransparent pricingopaque pricing
Immediate Supportnot availableavailable
Involvement of Human Elementlow involvement of human elementhigh involvement of human element
Customizationlimited customizationmore customization
Communicationasynchronous communicationsynchronous communication
Socializing with Friends/Familysocial networks and video callsmeetups and hangouts
Choice of Vendorsmultiple vendors to choose fromlimited vendors to choose from
Deals and Discountsmore deals and discounts offeredfewer deals and discounts offered
Security Issuessecurity breach possiblesecure transactions

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