What is the 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint?

    The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint, created by marketing specialist and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki in 2004, is a great tool for marketers to craft impactful presentations.

    By limiting the number of slides to 10, the duration of the talk to 20 minutes, and the font size to no smaller than 30 point size, you can ensure your slides are easy to read, capture the audience’s attention, and emphasize your key points.

    With this simple yet effective formula, you can create presentations that are both visually appealing and conceptually sound.

    1. No more than 10 slides – Keep your presentation concise by limiting the number of slides to no more than ten. This will help you avoid getting bogged down in details and stay on message.
    2. No more than 20 minutes – Your presentation should be shorter than 20 minutes. A 20-minutes presentation is easy to follow and helps keep your ideas organized.
    3. Fonts smaller than 30 point size – Use small fonts (no bigger than 30 points) so that your presentation is easy to read.

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