What is the use of Notes in slides?

    1. It will be displayed at the time of the Slide Presentation
    2. This is just a Note about the slide
    3. This is just for printing purposes only
    4. Notes cannot be inserted into Slides
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    Correct option is B. This is just a Note about the slide

    In Microsoft PowerPoint, the Notes feature allows presenters to add supplementary information or reminders to their slides. These notes are not visible to the audience during the slide presentation, but they can be helpful for the presenter to remember key points or additional details while delivering the presentation.

    There are several benefits and uses of adding notes to slides:

    1. Presenter’s Aid: Notes can serve as a helpful guide or prompt for the presenter during the presentation. They can include important facts, statistics, or talking points that may not be displayed on the slide itself. By referring to the notes, the presenter can ensure that they cover all essential points without cluttering the slide with too much text.
    2. Printing Handouts: Although notes are not visible during the slide show, they can be included when printing handouts for the audience. This allows the audience to have a written reference of the presenter’s additional explanations or comments. This can be especially useful in educational or training contexts, where attendees might want to review the material later.
    3. Collaboration: When working on a presentation with a team, notes can be used to communicate ideas or suggestions for improvements. Team members can leave notes on specific slides to provide feedback, ask questions, or suggest changes to the content.
    4. Accessibility: Adding notes to slides can make the presentation more accessible for individuals with disabilities. For example, a person with a hearing impairment might use the notes as a transcript of the presentation’s audio content.

    To add notes to a slide in PowerPoint, follow these steps:

    1. Open the presentation and select the slide you want to add notes to.
    2. In the Normal View, you will find a notes pane below the slide. Click on “Click to add notes” to start typing your notes.
    3. If you cannot see the notes pane, go to the “View” tab and click on “Notes Page” to open the notes pane.

    To print slides with notes, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the “File” tab and click on “Print.”
    2. In the “Settings” section, open the dropdown menu under “Print Layout” and select “Notes Pages.” This will include the slide and its corresponding notes on each printed page.
    3. Adjust any other print settings as needed and click “Print.”

    The Notes feature in PowerPoint slides is a valuable tool for presenters, allowing them to add supplementary information or reminders that are not visible during the presentation. These notes can also be included when printing handouts for the audience or used for collaboration and accessibility purposes.

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