Which option in File pull down menu is used to close a file in MSWord?

    1. New
    2. Quit
    3. Close
    4. Exit
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    Correct option is C. Close

    The correct option to close a file in MS Word is C. Close. The Close option is located in the File pull-down menu and allows you to close the currently opened document without exiting the MS Word application. This is particularly useful when you are working on multiple documents and want to close one without closing the entire application.

    MS Word File Menu

    The File menu in MS Word provides various options for managing your documents, including creating a new document, opening an existing one, saving, printing, and closing the document. Here are some of the key options available in the File menu:

    1. New: This option allows you to create a new, blank document or choose from a variety of templates.
    2. Open: This option lets you open an existing document from your computer or cloud storage.
    3. Save: This option enables you to save the current document to a specified location on your computer or cloud storage. You can also use the “Save As” option to save a copy of the document under a new name or file format.
    4. Print: This option opens the Print dialog box, which allows you to choose various print settings and print the document.
    5. Share: This option enables you to share your document with others by sending a shareable link or directly inviting people to collaborate on the document.
    6. Export: This option lets you export your document to different file formats, such as PDF or XPS.
    7. Close: This option closes the currently open document. If you have made changes to the document since the last save, MS Word will prompt you to save the changes before closing the file.

    Other File Menu Options

    In addition to the options listed above, the File menu in MS Word also provides several other options to manage your documents and customize the application settings. Some of these options include:

    1. Account: This option allows you to manage your Microsoft account, sign in or sign out, and change your profile settings.
    2. Options: This option opens the Word Options dialog box, which lets you customize various settings, such as display, proofing, save, and advanced options.
    3. Info: This option displays information about the current document, such as the file size, modification date, and author. You can also access options for document protection, inspecting the document, and managing document versions.
    4. Recent: This option shows a list of recently opened documents, allowing you to quickly access your recent work.
    5. Feedback: This option enables you to send feedback to Microsoft about MS Word, report issues, or request new features.

    To summarize, the correct option to close a file in MS Word is “C. Close,” which can be found in the File pull-down menu. This option allows you to close the current document without exiting the MS Word application, making it convenient when working with multiple documents.

    MS Word’s File menu offers various options to manage your documents, including creating, opening, saving, printing, and sharing, among others. Understanding these options will help you work more efficiently and make the most of the powerful features available in MS Word.

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